19 August 2009

this is what we call LAME

fish spa

see how audrey shout~~!!
damn swt

more pic in fb.. hav a look there..

rest ba..

he rest peacefully.. on the same day

ok i know.. someone gonna say,

from 花样男子 turn to SHE,
from SHE turn to.. 动力火车?! NOOO...

18 August 2009

bye bye..

oh my (i dont know whether is which 白ham..), you died "peacefully".. sob sob..

p.s. i wont show you how he died..
and now my 花样男子ham ham group turns to SHE?! omg..

14 August 2009


spend whole evening at police station~ XD im arrested for being too cute..
well.. oh well oh well..

well, here comes the story.. that particular useless person whom like to sell XXX and XXX and XXX... make fake report to police.. go to hell la.. like to make people suffer! who should sleep in lokap.. wasting police officers' time only

dooooorter of aaa biaatchhe... ( we are good people, dont speak foul word ok..)

in conclusion.. i just go there for a tour~
dont worry be happy friend..
damn that bXXXh, watch your back you idiot~~~
you will get what you deserve