16 November 2013

Be fine

I see
I hear
And I understand 
You will be fine
My friend

19 October 2013

done with uni..

done with my final submission for my final year.. my degree.. my study.. 
i am officially a free person HOPEFULLY
 come out with a random idea from clara that we should escape to melbourne instead of staying at geelong, the place where we had stuck for months for classes and assignments.. and finally we get to relax.. TGIF!

great moment.. perfect weather with sunset

its all over now

30 September 2013


一直喜欢 简单的 随兴的 放任的 自由
不喜欢 动辄得咎 不温不火 日复一日 无聊的 生活
沉默的 了解的 是你的温柔
不管我错了 对了 因为你说 那就是我

29 September 2013



19 September 2013

timeline 20feb-19sept

<need no captions>

i must tell this!
i got a HD for this assignment hahaha.. thanks to..