12 November 2011

Ma ass

Well.. i thought there's a glimpse of chance, but apparently it was just a joke. Fool me

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08 November 2011

No good

Laziness strike.. Hopefully tomorrow will be fruitful.

Final countdown

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01 November 2011

Stuck in studio

Watch by angelina and clara so that i do my work.. Zzz..

Start thinkin hows life will be when staying with them in melb.. Hmmm..
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10 October 2011


this semester will be my last semester of diploma. i am so not ready for the rest of the 1.5months. reason? A LOT.. i seem lost in organising my assignment as it getting more and more.. last Thursday just finish 2nd design assignment and presentation and here comes the 2rd or final design assignment. its a real site that we have to design the big master plan for a company. i found interesting at first because it is the first time to expose in real architecture field. today we went to the company's office to listen the brief about the place and for those who got the best 3 design got the prize and chance to work on the project. tempting right? and also can experience the whole session of construction and your design will be there. hopefully can get over first and of course produce a nice design scheme for the place. this wasnt the most 'headache' assignment. i know my weakness on learning, i barely can understand history and culture because history cant attract my interest on it. UNTIL TODAY  i can even read the books until.. (they read me back instead) yeap.. . and the assignment is so fucking useless. producing A3 board of all brooke era heritage building.. like those you all can see from kuching area. its about 20 over buildings. and and... OMFG.. and for last semester we have to produce thesis. nahh.. type type type.. not my style too, i cant even produce a nice essay and what more to say a thesis?! thanks to audrey's help if not im not going to get through all these. *owe you full pint kilkenny too lah* and lastly the working drawing.. ahh so much workload. the illustration doesnt get me wrong. i really mean it after receive new assignments.. it feels like im getting drowning but still getting the chance the gasp some breathe! OH MY LIFE... blahh i can get over it.. target to aussie man~ stay here grow mushroom meh XD stay tuned

 oh.. im just releasing my stress..

16 September 2011

Siburan superman

Tommy held an advance birthday party at his own house. As the title told, his house is at 17 mile. The AT6 prepared a big surprise for him as the most memorable birthday. Hehee

The theme of the presents related to reach a brand new stage of his life, from a young guy to the manhood stage. The present will mean a lot to him to ask him grow older wahahaha... *evil laugh* i did record the whole session how he open every single presents, maybe not publishing it because will take long time.. But is the damn hillarious moment of the night.

Alright, end of the post.. Hope he is not angry with us because we really prepare it with sincere heart, and ofcourse, we made our day on bullying u, tommy hahaHAHA.

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11 September 2011

Mooncake fest can be that fun

It was a sudden trip to the temple in the morning, we re asked to go there and visit our grandma. It was a quite interesting day, the old people help the temple to do the chores, cook vegetarian food and also make some kueh for tomorrow's event. Well, i only help to fold the silver papers and watch them decorating the food for offering.

She is derocating the bowl of rice with coloured kuachi, macaroni, beans and etc.. I asked, the dried food were purposely dyed so that is looks colourful.. And to symbolise happiness in the celebration of mooncake festival.

Just arrange the coloure food in nice combination will do. Easy and nice

The end products

First time see daddy fold silver paper. Its so unusual because this job is always done by me.

Priceless memory! :D

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09 September 2011

history, how long do u wanna fuss me?

anyone can help me fell in love to history? i'd been forced to 'swallow' the whole World History of Architecture book. i really tried (few times), instead of fell in love, i fell into sleep HAHAAHA.. sad case. i cant even read more than 2 pages which is all filled with words, i still prefer graphics~ anyway next week is mid term exam, hopefully i wont sleep during the exam. excel this subject?! sick... not putting high hope on this module. so, if u have better idea to let me digest all the history, do tell me because i really need to solve this problem. TQ

07 September 2011

Ma blog died


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08 August 2011

Disastrous day

Heavy storm happened yesterday after i finished work at stapok area. The wind is too strong until it blow the rain and blurs drivers' vision on the road. I actually stop by roadside due to difficulty in driving and observe the surrounding. Trees branches was everywhere and i even saw motorcyclist fell from his bike. The journey took me 1hr time to reach home although normally just need 20mins. Pictures below were taken throughout the journey back home.

06 August 2011


开学就是烦恼和压力的开始~ 爱死你了压力。。哎烦~

29 July 2011

Countdown for class

Double cross fingers.. Hope my result is not as bad as i thought. 'good' service from college, i havent know how is my result yet because they always have the longest lunch break ever compare to other college.. Holiday ends to fast, now left two days.. And im gonna spend the time to work on weekend~ What a life!! }#^*~*^#...

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27 July 2011

this guy

that's our memories with him
R.I.P 08/07/2011


next week will start my final semester in diploma! hope can score nice result because gonna continue study at australia.. weee dream COMING true soon. hope everything goes smoothly so that i can make my parent proud of me~ as they earn money for me to go.. *sobbing* <-- fake..

08 July 2011

I put my brain at home and go lallaalaa

Not enough rest.. Need 1 week more.. Blog next week :)

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24 May 2011

ass-ing.. assignment-ing

my busy life started without giving any notifications, thats why getting lesser to blog.. the only thing that fuss me the most is design class. designing is aint easy job, i need more time and experience to make myself get a lot of ideas in just a 'click'! this is what i observed from an experienced architect, they always have a lot of ideas in mind and draw it out in few mins~ and thats pretty impressive.. us? hah... cant even come out a shit in few days.. well ofcourse it doesnt apply to every students la, im refering to myself the most.. been pressuring myself to do better but keep failing. i think LAZY is one of the main problems.. and my brain keep JAM which made me refuse to think. encounter a bad bad problem here hello~~~ i do help people think brilliant ideas but not for my own assignments! this is weird right? OK stopp! i continue my work now............................................................

08 May 2011

Sweet temptation

Tadaaa~ double choc fudge.. got this lil present for my mom just now, its from my lady boss' cafe, Nee's.. Feel free to try out those cakes! No special celebration for mother's day as im so busy on assignment. Sorry mom, love you! Happy mother day :)

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03 May 2011

Site visit

Its been a week i didnt update the blog due class started and getting busier. I have a very good sleep for this weekend on my comfy bed weee.. Recharge and continue work hard for assignments. Our lecturer decided to bring us to site visiting on boulevard phase 2. The construction had been started a year ago if not mistaken and it's going to take another year to finish both apartment and hotel. Total of 20 plus over stories exclude the basement which linked to the boulevard phase 1. Not much high rise structure we can see from Kuching but we might have more soon. So far they just finish until 4th floor and basement and also the link from phase 1 to phase 2.

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22 April 2011

Sushi bonanza

As promised, We had a deal to go to sushi king bonanza last year and we did go last few days. For this time some of them brought their partner to join.. So its like meeting new friends plus eating our fav unagi and salmon. Such a failure for this time because they insisted that unagi had out of stock.. (how could it possible) hahaa and this is the first time i brought stephanie to join in our architecture group. Everything turn out quite well except for one thing, angelina ask stephanie to get 12 plates of salmon from the waiter! Kinda funny for me and she really did that~ another memorable day :)

Audrey and angelina

Tit and his gf angeline

Funny picture tat found frm my phone

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Day out with the girls

Outing with stephanie, hui and the audreyS.. Its been a long while that we didnt hang out with them. Last meet will be on my last birthday? I found it special because we never hangout before in this combination, ya two audrey at the same time. But one thing for sure, we are all from Beta class :) been the noisiest one in the class as well! Sorry about the bad news too, hmm i guess im nt a good friend.. Started to forget about people around me when start getting busy with assignments. Please forgive me k? Call me out when u need.. No, i mean u all! Peace :P

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20 April 2011

Day 4 Singapore Trip

We came back kuching yesterday, firstly yamcha then explore chinatown. We went to the heritage centre to know the background of chinatown and also shop for souvenirs. I didnt buy much anyway.. Speaking about airport, we re using tiger airways so we went to budget terminal to check in. The employee is so rude until my lecturer go and complain. There is no need to write any feedback or email apology letter because they will still behave the same, so xxxx up.. No more tiger airways

I did this comics for fun. Ben n rhye play at heritage centre, so i match all the pictures into a little comic montage. Enjoy life! :)

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