29 July 2011

Countdown for class

Double cross fingers.. Hope my result is not as bad as i thought. 'good' service from college, i havent know how is my result yet because they always have the longest lunch break ever compare to other college.. Holiday ends to fast, now left two days.. And im gonna spend the time to work on weekend~ What a life!! }#^*~*^#...

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27 July 2011

this guy

that's our memories with him
R.I.P 08/07/2011


next week will start my final semester in diploma! hope can score nice result because gonna continue study at australia.. weee dream COMING true soon. hope everything goes smoothly so that i can make my parent proud of me~ as they earn money for me to go.. *sobbing* <-- fake..

08 July 2011

I put my brain at home and go lallaalaa

Not enough rest.. Need 1 week more.. Blog next week :)

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