24 February 2014

last Christmas

Christmas day wasnt the day that I would like to celebrate the most. In fact since Im still in Australia. . I should follow the culture here and it was a off day for all of us. We decided to go to the beach and after that drinking session. I just felt something wasnt right in my heart. I almost lost my life on christmas.. it was all went well until I cross the road without noticing the traffic. The worst thing ever happened when im still in overseas. Everyone is terrified to see me crossing the road that way. I must really lost my mind as well that time. End up.. nonstop scoldings from friends. I wasnt think much about that incident since. A week later, we received a real bad news about a friend's brother lost his life in an accident back in kuching. This is where I start to feel freak about how bad it is to lose a life.. especially in far country where family is not around.. friends are far apart.. I feel like crying at that moment.. that im still alive and healthy till now. Im contented. I just wanna go home to meet my family now