25 July 2010

pictures:kk short trip

lazy to write captions.. teeheee

went for a short trip to kk with daddy, actually its quite blur about this trip because dad went there just to see the hotel and meet his partners. keke me and adele stay at the hotel for the 1st time.. the room is brand new and no one ever stay yet.. HAHA~! though its just 3days.. i manage to look around town, went to pulau, 1borneo.. various kinds of shopping mall which i cant remember all the name~ oh ya food! sabah laksa, 生肉面, wo tek (dumpling) and mini pearl milk tea from yoyo cafe! anyway thanks to adele and george for bringing me around and eat nice food.. love the pulau trip:)

13 July 2010

no title



12 July 2010

waka waka

im not a football fans
but im here for the last time this year
"camping" in living room to watch world cup final

go spain!!
you will win.. because you know why??

PAUL said so... haha~ XD

if you dont win, i will lose my bet huuuu

07 July 2010

its a boring post.. i post for nothing.. dont read

2weeks past.. holiday is always good but i prefer not too long, because i get bored easily. my mood doesn't get way better after relaxing for 2weeks.. there is still weeks to go before holidays end. got not much plan on this holiday.

1. cashless, holiday= no pocket money, i should earn more :(
2. stress come from family, no class=no car use=no money=become maid, babysitter and driver ( this is what i never understand, why they never use bus to school in fact that im the only child use bus among the 4?! WTF)
3. dad's theory, outing means waste money waste time and waste car fuel =.=''' ( where else i can go? any prob to go gym and swim??)

i do earn some allowance for myself what.. i often ask money from dad mainly for my assignments. we spend a lot of money on those shit because its costy. why cant we just submit softcopy instead of printing this and that.. honestly after all this, im deadly bankrupt. waiting for my next pocket money lalalaa... next kk trip will be the most interesting plan for this holiday. a SHORT trip.. other than that? no more~ shopping.. swim and gym if i could.. stay at home grow mushroom.. plenty of things can do at home actually, such as continue learning photoshop, sketchup and acad.. just that i got no mood to do it.. WHAT MORE THAN THAT? arhhhhhhh stop asking me to do housework! i hate it.. sobs.. and stop giving lame reason that girl should do housework, not boys..

and remember, im born to break this kinda shit rulez! teeheee

04 July 2010


woooshh.. went to sematan yesterday, not for holiday but to bring my cousin to the NS camp.. been informed by my uncle long time ago since i know the place well.. im not that willing to go at first because i just start my holiday not long ago.. laziness.. but still i went (respect elder).. i told a lot of experiences to my cousin and console her that its not a scary thing to join NS. for those who ever joined NS, dont u agree that NS is fun? yeah i know tired as well.. i felt so damn happy when there is some cikgu latih can remember me, though im not the famous one.. its not easy for them to remember every single of us because they have to handle thousands of student each year. and yet for my batch, its been 2yrs ago. i walked around padang kawat and also dewan, it changed a lot... much.. PRETTY as they got renovation, and im jealous that they have new NS buses to use, unlike last time we re using rented bas sekolah. (sorry didnt take picture) a lot of flashback strike my mind on this whole journey. 3months memories.. though its short but really memorable.. i miss the NS moment and u guys.. and also my slim body XD

02 July 2010


being a useless friend for this year.. because im too busy with my assignments.. as result less hangout with friends.. but what more i can say... 9hrs later u will be leaving kuching~ OK I WILL MISS YOU SERIOUSLY.. dont ask me to cry at airport... it will be nasty ^^ you as well..

will meet you there if i could
LOVE YOU (hahahahaha that sounds awkward)
but i just love... my FBB lalala