27 August 2014

Two face

People says ' everyone has good and evil side, the way you treat people decides which side you will see'  this is so true.. I cant accept those who show the evil side to others after showing me good side of his/hers. If you get what i mean... Call me stupid or foolish. i just cant handle those dramas :/

27 May 2014

Ha Ha

Anger steaming up your glasses
You've been holding parties all your life
'Cause it's long gone down
You're still hanging around
It's not over till it starts again

Ha, ha, ha, hear me laughing, ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha, ha, it died out long ago

Did you hear me laughing in your head
When I saw you stuck in a rut again?
Oh, that drink went down smoothly
Just like the one before the last you had

Questions I have answered
You are still asking yourself again
Passed out in the gutter, worn out in your head
Your voices aren't clear enough after all

Ha, ha, ha, hear me laughing, ha, ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha, ha, ha, it died out long ago

Emiliana Torrini

17 March 2014

daddy says

he will let me continue to DREAM if he can
but not for the moment...

its okay

14 March 2014


Too much uncertainties.. I don't know how to make a choice..  please guide me if you willing to


仔细想想 原来他们没变

24 February 2014

last Christmas

Christmas day wasnt the day that I would like to celebrate the most. In fact since Im still in Australia. . I should follow the culture here and it was a off day for all of us. We decided to go to the beach and after that drinking session. I just felt something wasnt right in my heart. I almost lost my life on christmas.. it was all went well until I cross the road without noticing the traffic. The worst thing ever happened when im still in overseas. Everyone is terrified to see me crossing the road that way. I must really lost my mind as well that time. End up.. nonstop scoldings from friends. I wasnt think much about that incident since. A week later, we received a real bad news about a friend's brother lost his life in an accident back in kuching. This is where I start to feel freak about how bad it is to lose a life.. especially in far country where family is not around.. friends are far apart.. I feel like crying at that moment.. that im still alive and healthy till now. Im contented. I just wanna go home to meet my family now