10 October 2011


this semester will be my last semester of diploma. i am so not ready for the rest of the 1.5months. reason? A LOT.. i seem lost in organising my assignment as it getting more and more.. last Thursday just finish 2nd design assignment and presentation and here comes the 2rd or final design assignment. its a real site that we have to design the big master plan for a company. i found interesting at first because it is the first time to expose in real architecture field. today we went to the company's office to listen the brief about the place and for those who got the best 3 design got the prize and chance to work on the project. tempting right? and also can experience the whole session of construction and your design will be there. hopefully can get over first and of course produce a nice design scheme for the place. this wasnt the most 'headache' assignment. i know my weakness on learning, i barely can understand history and culture because history cant attract my interest on it. UNTIL TODAY  i can even read the books until.. (they read me back instead) yeap.. . and the assignment is so fucking useless. producing A3 board of all brooke era heritage building.. like those you all can see from kuching area. its about 20 over buildings. and and... OMFG.. and for last semester we have to produce thesis. nahh.. type type type.. not my style too, i cant even produce a nice essay and what more to say a thesis?! thanks to audrey's help if not im not going to get through all these. *owe you full pint kilkenny too lah* and lastly the working drawing.. ahh so much workload. the illustration doesnt get me wrong. i really mean it after receive new assignments.. it feels like im getting drowning but still getting the chance the gasp some breathe! OH MY LIFE... blahh i can get over it.. target to aussie man~ stay here grow mushroom meh XD stay tuned

 oh.. im just releasing my stress..