24 February 2010

im a spoiled brat~

tiaw=spoiled brat
lego eiffel tower
in scale 1:300
not really limited edition la.. because at least i saw it in kuching got left 2sets~

zaha hadid: complete work collections
a unique boxed set covering the career of the Pritzker Prize-winning architect.
the only woman architect got this prize oo~

lego or book??
both collections are expensive anyway~~ huhu..
gotta save money to own it

22 February 2010

21 February 2010


having pillow talk on the bed~
its been long time we never chat like that..
or i can say i never..
until everyone's fall asleep..
its really a fun night oh.. p.s. doesnt mean the gathering not fun la.. XD
chat about past time.. and also future
and started to realise again what mistakes had i done~
ouch.. its still too late right?
as time goes on, sooner or later.. who still care about it? you or you??
friends out there, please forgive me for the wrong thing that i'd done!
woot.. the next day~
went to damai once again..
and say hi to the sea!!

i know you re tired.. but what about me?
well just stop here.. im lazy to blog anymore~
or maybe i should say.. i dont want somebody know more about it..