10 October 2010


有时候就是有想死的念头,撞墙死一了百了!没特别的原因,只是觉得很烦恼~什么事都没做好10.10.10... 那么好的日子,我既然会那么忧郁那么不快乐。。SIEN

03 October 2010

my territory

(dont take serious on my edited thingy)

this is my working studio/study place
an important place for us architecture student
well.. compare to some other friends..
im considered a lucky one to have such a good place to study on or work on designs
some of them dont even have a proper space to use
( try have a look on that pic)
i got a customise drafting table from my dad,
he look for carpenter to do it for me..
dont look down on that wooden table, its tough and flexible
besides, i got my own desk that had acompany me for few years,
went through so many exams
and now it turns to my model making corner~
printer (which doesnt work for a year >.<)... shelves... table lamps... aircon... its all given by my parent, only for me.. all my siblings dont have but some how i feel a bit bored on this corner already yeah i know i should feel grateful for all these but hey you know what............... i feel so stressful because i got no inspiration for my work THATS WHY IM HERE TO POST BORING POST! SIGH~ sobs.. any idea to make my corner full of inspirations? lol -end-

new image, new look

a gift from triangels for my last birthday
gave it a new look by sticking laptop skin on it
its not the end product yet
so i will continue find inspirations

01 October 2010

the result of.. mati mati mahu McD

this noon is such a sunny day, so im craving for this!
OH YEAHH (maroon 5's song playin)
my fav~
today's choice mc flurry with milo

but after class who will ever wonder it become a rainy day
nothing could stop me from grabbing it by today
so in result, we all get wet under the rain

busted both u steal my fries hahah..

me--- with wet shirt and hair

adele on top
audrey on bottom

im lovin it