16 September 2010


people who always inactive in blogging for a quite while will always start with this sentences below:
its been a while i didnt update my blog ( hehe dont angry guys, i did that too) been run out of mood to blog due to things happened recently since my last post. its actually refer to my grandmother who passed away on 8sept last wednesday. i just cant get over it easily because i witnessed the whole process. quite regret on the day before because im late to hospital, but luckily get one last chance to see her before she enter CCU. huhh cried terribly.. dont even get a single bit of mood to prepare my design crit. i even dreamt of her on the day she passed away, she sleeps damn well.. but dream often dont come true.. pity my sis too, that day was her birthday... boring post right.. just stop here since i dont know what else to write~

btw try to check today's 大万.. 4384 first prize.. 99 give one.. (99 refer to 奶奶) too bad my mom didnt get the prize because she didnt buy.... there is a special story behind this number, wanna know more? :) ask me