27 August 2010


great moody night.. and i'd been redo my facade model till out of balsa sheet
thanks to that uhu bottle, burst and ruin my hard work weeks ago
forget about it..
i had been listen repeatedly on lee hom new album
你不知道的事is certainly not bad,
but i personally like 需要人陪 more than other song in this album
another worth album to collect but i get all these songs from my friend.. wakaka
errmmmm feel free to listen

whoah damn suit my lonely night :O

22 August 2010


last day of week 3.. im still stuck on the same place.. tomorrow will be week4, please anyone help me... not on assignments, but to motivate me to continue move on.. oh sick..

20 August 2010


dont blame me for not updating much here.. somehow i feel tired of blogging and i lost all those inpiration when im getting busy.. mood swings anytime and i dont want myself to be disturbed.




10 August 2010

1st week: haunted

last week is my first week of class started. it just happened so fast as the holiday is too short for us to heal from previous semester. i still can feel the tiredness. that's why i didnt prepare well during the class start. i didnt organise well with my assignments.. being thinking nonsense and also doubting about the "C" thingy. C is conscientiousness. people with this C will keep all their things in detail, focus too much on not necessary stuff and in worst will ended up in 7th mile! thats what im afraid the most.. anyone please come and wash my brain~ speaking about freaking thing happened in a week, i almost got 3 accidents.. first, a school girl walking across the road while tidy her hair.. she is quite stupid i can say.. wonder which is more important, hair or life!?! second is when i was driving to college.. the sound of the brake is so loud that scared every drivers on the road. really didnt drive fast or maybe my car is too near to others. 3rd time happened on my housing area, bad thing about local driver.. no signal light~ same thing happened again.. my car manage to stop inches away from the front car. damn~ im really startled that time.. i left my car aside and requested to change driver.. got a slight phobia after it.. sick~ i got piles of assignment waiting for me again