30 March 2011


JENG JENG! hmm new post again.. this semester is not that busy compared to previous few semester, maybe its because no drawing class for AT5. therefore, the burden is not that heavy.. but somehow i can sense it will be tougher soon! HAH as i had mentioned before (if not mistaken laa) i got post about the sejarah thingy, oh man sejarah! this semester design class the assignments is about reviving the waterfront.. some sort of reminiscing those olden time glory and so we gotta study the entire history of Kuching, Sarawak. and ofcourse the main character who start first is James Brooke. Surprisingly, i actually love the story about kuching and those heritages are amazing with rich history behind. i get to know a lot of answers which had been doubt for years..

for examples: 
how many of you know that James Brooke is a gay? (checkout in wiki)
thatswhy after him, the second white rajah turn to his nephew

we know 3rd mile, 4 1/2 mile, 7mile... then where is the 0mile?? 
start counting from square fort.. somewhere there la!

there is actually a bandstand built on padang merdeka and there is a road before, spliting the upper and lower part of the padang.. it wasnt known as padang merdeka as well 100years ago

maybe some of these facts you may know already.. but for me, who never ever like to study about history, this is a new thing for me. and also im a 'lost sarawakian' who dont know my own hometown.. what a shame x.x remind me of a friend too.. who ever taught me so hard on this subject during secondary, i did ask her about why is it so important we have to study history. she replied.. IMPORTANT LAH! =.= what a simple answer without explanation. better dont answer...... BLAH e n d

28 March 2011


hey.. speaking about this 'chi-cher', its actually teacher lah! some small kids who doesnt pronounce nicely will become like that "chi-cherr chi-cheerr how to dooo..." person like me who never expect that i will become someone's 'chi-cher' someday.. and i had been teaching for a year plus! HAH.. there's no special technic to handle those kids except become like one of them.. yea yea im still like a kid! im really enjoy playing with those kids (except those who re lazy and noisy) actually there's a good apportunity from the other artschool wants me teach the students.. yepp higher pay~ BUT seriously think again, if i get the job then i will be very busy.. outdoor everyday, go for classes, teaching at school A, then school B and limited time for assignments.. it will only happen if im not an architectural student. still study will be my first priority ofcourse.. jobs? can have it on holidays~ i love art, but i love architecture more hehee...

27 March 2011


woahh.. im back again haha.. yeap in this blog.. kinda lost for months for certain things, lazy to blog or maybe i should say i almost forgot about it.. well, here im again.. start afresh! treat myself like new blogger and start over again. now is almost the end of march.. there is another new blog going on soon.. havent figure about the link but definitely about arts.. about the templates.. im not a hardworking person lah, its just a 'skin' anyway for my blog, new look for u guys to 'cuci mata' isnt that good right. i think i will try to blog often to update my past few month stuff and also future. didnt expect anyone to come and visit it but you re welcome to read anytime.. ya stay tuned