22 April 2011

Sushi bonanza

As promised, We had a deal to go to sushi king bonanza last year and we did go last few days. For this time some of them brought their partner to join.. So its like meeting new friends plus eating our fav unagi and salmon. Such a failure for this time because they insisted that unagi had out of stock.. (how could it possible) hahaa and this is the first time i brought stephanie to join in our architecture group. Everything turn out quite well except for one thing, angelina ask stephanie to get 12 plates of salmon from the waiter! Kinda funny for me and she really did that~ another memorable day :)

Audrey and angelina

Tit and his gf angeline

Funny picture tat found frm my phone

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Day out with the girls

Outing with stephanie, hui and the audreyS.. Its been a long while that we didnt hang out with them. Last meet will be on my last birthday? I found it special because we never hangout before in this combination, ya two audrey at the same time. But one thing for sure, we are all from Beta class :) been the noisiest one in the class as well! Sorry about the bad news too, hmm i guess im nt a good friend.. Started to forget about people around me when start getting busy with assignments. Please forgive me k? Call me out when u need.. No, i mean u all! Peace :P

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20 April 2011

Day 4 Singapore Trip

We came back kuching yesterday, firstly yamcha then explore chinatown. We went to the heritage centre to know the background of chinatown and also shop for souvenirs. I didnt buy much anyway.. Speaking about airport, we re using tiger airways so we went to budget terminal to check in. The employee is so rude until my lecturer go and complain. There is no need to write any feedback or email apology letter because they will still behave the same, so xxxx up.. No more tiger airways

I did this comics for fun. Ben n rhye play at heritage centre, so i match all the pictures into a little comic montage. Enjoy life! :)

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19 April 2011

Day 3 Singapore Trip

Continue.. The 3rd day is 'watching building' day... There are lotsa nice architecture in singapore, our destination is at bugis and orchard area.. The drastic changes make me fascinated as i ever visit there years ago..

School of art singapore- green arhitecture


Have our breaktime with some kuso pics LOL

National Museum Singapore

Extention of old heritage with new modern structure


Illuma- link bridge to bugis

Ajisen Ramen for our lunch.. Most satisfied lunch ever!

Lasalle College of Art- they won few prizes for the design

My phone battery went flat after visit the college.. The following destination is shopping malls like orchard central and ion and then we went to marina bay sands. Walk along the olympic walk to see nightview and watch the dancing fountain in behind the casino and lastly the hotel.. Too bad we dont get the chance to go the top floor because our feet is crying already. Arghh why is my phonr dead so early, the facades is gorgeous till now i still feel like going back and stay there forever... Come on jom ubahlah... Such an ironic, we independence on almost same period, in 10 years time singapore has become totally different and sarawak? 十年如一日.. Well we got new building too, DUN only garrghhhh

Kuching aint that big

Whooppp u parked outta box! Not my problem :)

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Day 2 Singapore Trip

Hey yah! Here comes day 2 and ofcourse we start the day with breakfast at 830am, healthy one.. Just cereals with milk and we headed to Universal Studio. We supposed to go vivo city first but it only open on 11am. We took the MRT from chinatown to vivo and change to bus to our destination.

Heritage that left behind in chinatown. Reminds me of our Carpenter street but somehow theirs look more fantastic compared to what we have now.

probably is because they really know how to preserve the old and merge with new structure and make it just right

Woopps.. Exposed myself in blog hehe.. The globe is under construction so we only got the chance to take photo with the poster. It does attract tourists! Nom nom best popcorn in USS

The entrance of USS

Welcome to Hollywood.. Good setting which can make u forgot that u still in Singapore

This is our lady boss for this trip Angelina.. Dont mess with her though she look small!

Rhye, trying to act like a policeman... With camera?!

Interesting roof that i have took during the trip. It look simple but for my opinion it is designed perfectly with the theme 'cyborg' and we dont see the ugly trusses everywhere

Oh man i love this, only manage to ride the 'human' because its about to rain. Waited for 30min just to take the ride for 90 sec.. But its worth to wait. Love the 'floating' moment haha

Next, mummy revenge.. Not as extreme as the galactica roller coaster but fun too

Water world- didnt finish the show because the female character injured.. Aiyaa missed the part where the airplane land on the water

Hahaa... Lenglui survey about USS, she got a nice name too

We head back to vivo city in the evening.

The sky bridge, im wondering whether i'd get wrong info or not because it suppose to be on the roof and why it named as sky bridge.. Hmm?!

Architecture in singapore-they do care on details and expert of covering bad object XD it wasnt that bad to stay on rooftop with those services like HVACs, solar panels, lift motors and etc but it can look beter too. Just a simple blind with creative design will change the whole ambience

Relaxing in the floor.. I was just imitating others

I followed audrey and her aunt's family back to USS again to wath fireworks. Frim there i get the chance to see the nightview

Perspective view of candylicious

Water features

Lake of dream

Singapore flyer.. Blurr pic because (im lousy photographer) i took the flyer while the car was moving

The most attracting stuff found at the singapore flyer, the heart shaped bubble foam.. Probably they held certain function and they spread the foam all over the sky..

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