29 December 2010

sibu trip AGAIN

yes again end of the year, go back to sibu to visit my grandmother.. and celebrate her birthday. i prepared not to sleep so i remain blogging here.. hehe... tick tock countdown for the next 5hrs and then i will be on the plane. souvenirs? want kampua or kongpia? dont know got time to buy not.. perhaps i should get a live wild boar back XD hahaa just kidding. BRB on new year eve


2weeks from now im 21!
but i dont feel the excitement.. (i think im still 17 though :P)
the number 21 doesnt set me free instead
21 means nothing to me!
im not independent yet
i live like a YOUNG KID man!!
i cant simply decide thing by my own (thanks to my parent for loving me so much)
i cannot go out without getting my parent's permission even until 21
i still get pocket money from them
i cannot get something costy although i save money for it
parent buzzing on the phone when im not home
i cannot stay out after curfew
nothing would change after the year 201o too (i guess??)
ever since.. nevermind..
i just need a little freedom.. aint need so much la if u really like to control us XD

yerrrr forget about celebrating it..
cuz i dont really feel like to
born on jan is kinda unlucky though, no one's here to celebrate with you
most of them werent at kuching too
luckily i got my mom, same birthdate with me *im the special one*
i feel grateful for this because it resemble something special between me and my mom
dont jealous k... haha

im cute right.............

12 December 2010

fun fair

prize that i got last night
from fun fair

'febreezed' and left hang to dry

from ratatouille
he is so cute.. right~

09 December 2010