16 September 2011

Siburan superman

Tommy held an advance birthday party at his own house. As the title told, his house is at 17 mile. The AT6 prepared a big surprise for him as the most memorable birthday. Hehee

The theme of the presents related to reach a brand new stage of his life, from a young guy to the manhood stage. The present will mean a lot to him to ask him grow older wahahaha... *evil laugh* i did record the whole session how he open every single presents, maybe not publishing it because will take long time.. But is the damn hillarious moment of the night.

Alright, end of the post.. Hope he is not angry with us because we really prepare it with sincere heart, and ofcourse, we made our day on bullying u, tommy hahaHAHA.

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11 September 2011

Mooncake fest can be that fun

It was a sudden trip to the temple in the morning, we re asked to go there and visit our grandma. It was a quite interesting day, the old people help the temple to do the chores, cook vegetarian food and also make some kueh for tomorrow's event. Well, i only help to fold the silver papers and watch them decorating the food for offering.

She is derocating the bowl of rice with coloured kuachi, macaroni, beans and etc.. I asked, the dried food were purposely dyed so that is looks colourful.. And to symbolise happiness in the celebration of mooncake festival.

Just arrange the coloure food in nice combination will do. Easy and nice

The end products

First time see daddy fold silver paper. Its so unusual because this job is always done by me.

Priceless memory! :D

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09 September 2011

history, how long do u wanna fuss me?

anyone can help me fell in love to history? i'd been forced to 'swallow' the whole World History of Architecture book. i really tried (few times), instead of fell in love, i fell into sleep HAHAAHA.. sad case. i cant even read more than 2 pages which is all filled with words, i still prefer graphics~ anyway next week is mid term exam, hopefully i wont sleep during the exam. excel this subject?! sick... not putting high hope on this module. so, if u have better idea to let me digest all the history, do tell me because i really need to solve this problem. TQ

07 September 2011

Ma blog died


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