24 May 2011

ass-ing.. assignment-ing

my busy life started without giving any notifications, thats why getting lesser to blog.. the only thing that fuss me the most is design class. designing is aint easy job, i need more time and experience to make myself get a lot of ideas in just a 'click'! this is what i observed from an experienced architect, they always have a lot of ideas in mind and draw it out in few mins~ and thats pretty impressive.. us? hah... cant even come out a shit in few days.. well ofcourse it doesnt apply to every students la, im refering to myself the most.. been pressuring myself to do better but keep failing. i think LAZY is one of the main problems.. and my brain keep JAM which made me refuse to think. encounter a bad bad problem here hello~~~ i do help people think brilliant ideas but not for my own assignments! this is weird right? OK stopp! i continue my work now............................................................

08 May 2011

Sweet temptation

Tadaaa~ double choc fudge.. got this lil present for my mom just now, its from my lady boss' cafe, Nee's.. Feel free to try out those cakes! No special celebration for mother's day as im so busy on assignment. Sorry mom, love you! Happy mother day :)

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03 May 2011

Site visit

Its been a week i didnt update the blog due class started and getting busier. I have a very good sleep for this weekend on my comfy bed weee.. Recharge and continue work hard for assignments. Our lecturer decided to bring us to site visiting on boulevard phase 2. The construction had been started a year ago if not mistaken and it's going to take another year to finish both apartment and hotel. Total of 20 plus over stories exclude the basement which linked to the boulevard phase 1. Not much high rise structure we can see from Kuching but we might have more soon. So far they just finish until 4th floor and basement and also the link from phase 1 to phase 2.

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