29 April 2010



yes tomorrow is the day

in conclusion,
girls will still survive without guys

and thanks to those fxxxer.. i am driving in this trip
mlm for u all

18 April 2010

update: 15april

well.. since my secretary had updated the progress of doing tent before we went to lundu, then nothing much i can tell anymore.. let starts from the time we went to lundu then. for more updates link to audreygreenpig

venue: siar beach, pandan beach lundu
date: 15 april 2010

im not the photographer of the pics.. as my phone lost a month ago..
what a bad month~ :X thanks to adele, tit and reen for the pics

entertainer of the whole trip-- jo(right) the guitarist and singer
we sing songs on the way to the destination

the resort we stay-- union retreat
best resort in lundu

set out tent at siar beach
mr tommy, the one with stitches on middle finger
cant help myself to stop laughing when he show the middle finger
XD its like so BIG (bandage)

feel like singing" beautiful girls all over the world~"
my secretary, adele and audrey.. they having off with me.. and tommy, the kuli off too.. damn that middle finger! haha

beach pants, glasses, cap... formal 'wear' for presentation held on the beach

back to resort when the presentation has done
happy hour started!

roast marshmallow.. gay couple of the night
kenny and new lecturer
and guess what he is only 23
OH MY GOD! haha

besides swimming on the pool and beach, this was the most fun part! we play 'truth or dare' and make a lot of jokes on people and drink with bunch of friends~ its been long time i didnt drink, so end up K.O. on the floor and flee back to the room before 12am. i only remember i talk to adele a lot.. hope u didnt annoyed by me.. (surely dont have.. coz someone more annoying rite.. wakaka) the next day-- nothing much.. woke up at 6am and do site analysis for next assignment. nahhh we play but we do work too~

we'll meet again pandan beach.. i will definitely come again :)

16 April 2010

lundu trip

crazy madness trip in lundu.. it was so fun after our tent assignment was done~ weee..
its so damn worth tho we use 2weeks to done the whole thg.. damn relax and happy

our 'shell'ter (shelter)
its all made of fake material to safe cost and expenses
the presentation went smoothly~ panel judges like the ideas! satisfied~~

more pics update soon

night view, truth or dare, pool, beach, beer and cigxr...
miss it so much :)

13 April 2010

super TIRED

this sem is really in a mess! due to some kind reasons~ in result, we are all super fu**in damn tired.. and our schedule never can arrange well.. cant help with the stress and tiredness. REALLY frustrated with the assignments we have.

LISTS of assignment ( that kills~!)
1. tent- group work~ some how i can see the cooperation between group members but mostly NOT. its either missing in action or some kind of lame reasons. that makes people really sick of it damn much~~ and the due date is getting nearer, there is still some undone work to be done asap by tomorrow.. thursday have to bring the tent to lundu and set on the beach WITHOUT any failure, if not i will cry for my marks..

2. piles of reports to do- doing report is always the big problem for me.. as i cant help much on that. the only thing i can do is compile information for research and ask somebody to help me on the reports. p.s. still in the learning stage on doing a proper report~ heee.. *dont scold me for that*

3. the upcoming final project for my design ( floating house)- gonna do site analysis at the same place, lundu, searching for lecturer to become my client and im gonna design a house for them.. can consider as a very challenging and fun project.. but will worry of it at the same time..

4. betong site visit- dont know why must we go there.. as i only know when i reach there i will be a great blood donor to mosquitoes~ sigh.. most of the people is yelling about the trip.. but what can we do? bear with it.. JUST GO.. some more is 4day 3night feeding mosquito trips.. SOBS..

5.. 6.. 7..

just stop here.. im tired.. BYE
(some more soon...)

02 April 2010

crying bun

finally cry out SILENTly
since 10min ago..
im stressed