29 December 2010

sibu trip AGAIN

yes again end of the year, go back to sibu to visit my grandmother.. and celebrate her birthday. i prepared not to sleep so i remain blogging here.. hehe... tick tock countdown for the next 5hrs and then i will be on the plane. souvenirs? want kampua or kongpia? dont know got time to buy not.. perhaps i should get a live wild boar back XD hahaa just kidding. BRB on new year eve


2weeks from now im 21!
but i dont feel the excitement.. (i think im still 17 though :P)
the number 21 doesnt set me free instead
21 means nothing to me!
im not independent yet
i live like a YOUNG KID man!!
i cant simply decide thing by my own (thanks to my parent for loving me so much)
i cannot go out without getting my parent's permission even until 21
i still get pocket money from them
i cannot get something costy although i save money for it
parent buzzing on the phone when im not home
i cannot stay out after curfew
nothing would change after the year 201o too (i guess??)
ever since.. nevermind..
i just need a little freedom.. aint need so much la if u really like to control us XD

yerrrr forget about celebrating it..
cuz i dont really feel like to
born on jan is kinda unlucky though, no one's here to celebrate with you
most of them werent at kuching too
luckily i got my mom, same birthdate with me *im the special one*
i feel grateful for this because it resemble something special between me and my mom
dont jealous k... haha

im cute right.............

12 December 2010

fun fair

prize that i got last night
from fun fair

'febreezed' and left hang to dry

from ratatouille
he is so cute.. right~

09 December 2010




26 November 2010

untitle #1

超闷~全世界的人都已经交完功课了去放假。。剩下我一个吧还没交~ 这个星期五也就是今天又有满满的schedule~ 那该死的report有很该死的做不完。不是很多,但就是很显。可能是想到放假了就超懒惰。今天下午还要打球,晚上dinner.. 星期六又当整天的导游到处跑~古晋还有什么地方能去??以我这个sejarah cacat 的人就算去到猫馆博物馆都说不出任何好听的历史~别笑我。。好吧我承认没把sejarah读好很丢脸,但我有尽量学哦(可能)。。因为建筑系也需要。。而且超愿意去学的~爱死architecture 哈哈!难读但我喜欢~ 我想这辈子只想往这个行业走吧。。想起以前还说要开店,跟几位朋友的哦~ 我还记得我们的约定但不知道几时才能实现。。那时的梦想其实跟现在读的课系不同,一部份是因为赌气吧。。计划永远赶不上变化~全世界在改变,我还是会希望能跟好朋友做喜欢的事。啊!做功课。。。bb




24 November 2010

ONE week

the blog is never update frequently since class started.. due to too busy on assignments. and finally~~ the class is almost to an end.. its actually an extension for one more week to do this group work.. the malay wakaf for our building construction assignment. everyone works together to get this wakaf done.. forget about the WTF nenek, i forgive her (lol) i know i couldnt do much on this kinda construction work so thanks to those who sacrified a lot on this project.. easy work is better for me hahaha so i did the presentation board with some other friends. but hey guys.. you all got the chance to see pretty girls next door right? XD
it is now at my lecturer's house.. we prefer to set this wakaf at his house instead of lkw to reduce the chance of vandalism (personal point of view). whole project took about 1 week to finish including presentation board. lets get the holiday begin please~ at least 2 more days to go for me.. feel so sorry for some friends because it seems like im always 放飞机~

alright for example~
1. i got no time to pick my friend from the airport
2. my friend told me that they reached and i only got the time to say: oh.. ok~ (how bad m i)
3. friend jio limteh.. i replied: see the time available not

opps guilty.. just this week.. then i will super damn free for u all to book (night time only, working on daytime) until 20feb2011.. cheers

1. i want to go damai lalala...
2. go drink beer~
3. go kai kai at kl to jb to singapore to brunei to kk.. (tipu punya)
4. jay chou concert (i want rock zone!!) no money no talk, no air ticket no talk also

(ignore me) PEACE~!! COUNTDOWN for the next 48hrs

and and... happy birthday wy..
p.s. ur fb pic cheated a lot of my frens.. heee

03 November 2010

epic pics

most fun thing to do when under a big stress or bored
camwhore! (found from pc)

party party!! in the room?!

yo im super star!

woot i <3>
retarded face

bite off the city!!

typical asian pose--> v(-.-)v

again ruin the city!

i only notice my pimple


update: 31oct2010
groupwork at marrybrown the hills
funny right having discussion at marrybrown~
ask the waiter: ada internet ka?
he replied: ada, sebelah! (ipohtown) LOL

after haircut definitely look handsomeR than previous pics

my mom forbid me to cut short hair
oppps i did it again!

si agua scare ppl

blur blur

amoi~ mahu minum kopi?

02 November 2010

jeng jeng design~

done design final presentation last week
everything was just fine..
arhhh its not over yet!
work harder guys
countdown for the last few weeks

10 October 2010


有时候就是有想死的念头,撞墙死一了百了!没特别的原因,只是觉得很烦恼~什么事都没做好10.10.10... 那么好的日子,我既然会那么忧郁那么不快乐。。SIEN

03 October 2010

my territory

(dont take serious on my edited thingy)

this is my working studio/study place
an important place for us architecture student
well.. compare to some other friends..
im considered a lucky one to have such a good place to study on or work on designs
some of them dont even have a proper space to use
( try have a look on that pic)
i got a customise drafting table from my dad,
he look for carpenter to do it for me..
dont look down on that wooden table, its tough and flexible
besides, i got my own desk that had acompany me for few years,
went through so many exams
and now it turns to my model making corner~
printer (which doesnt work for a year >.<)... shelves... table lamps... aircon... its all given by my parent, only for me.. all my siblings dont have but some how i feel a bit bored on this corner already yeah i know i should feel grateful for all these but hey you know what............... i feel so stressful because i got no inspiration for my work THATS WHY IM HERE TO POST BORING POST! SIGH~ sobs.. any idea to make my corner full of inspirations? lol -end-

new image, new look

a gift from triangels for my last birthday
gave it a new look by sticking laptop skin on it
its not the end product yet
so i will continue find inspirations

01 October 2010

the result of.. mati mati mahu McD

this noon is such a sunny day, so im craving for this!
OH YEAHH (maroon 5's song playin)
my fav~
today's choice mc flurry with milo

but after class who will ever wonder it become a rainy day
nothing could stop me from grabbing it by today
so in result, we all get wet under the rain

busted both u steal my fries hahah..

me--- with wet shirt and hair

adele on top
audrey on bottom

im lovin it

16 September 2010


people who always inactive in blogging for a quite while will always start with this sentences below:
its been a while i didnt update my blog ( hehe dont angry guys, i did that too) been run out of mood to blog due to things happened recently since my last post. its actually refer to my grandmother who passed away on 8sept last wednesday. i just cant get over it easily because i witnessed the whole process. quite regret on the day before because im late to hospital, but luckily get one last chance to see her before she enter CCU. huhh cried terribly.. dont even get a single bit of mood to prepare my design crit. i even dreamt of her on the day she passed away, she sleeps damn well.. but dream often dont come true.. pity my sis too, that day was her birthday... boring post right.. just stop here since i dont know what else to write~

btw try to check today's 大万.. 4384 first prize.. 99 give one.. (99 refer to 奶奶) too bad my mom didnt get the prize because she didnt buy.... there is a special story behind this number, wanna know more? :) ask me

27 August 2010


great moody night.. and i'd been redo my facade model till out of balsa sheet
thanks to that uhu bottle, burst and ruin my hard work weeks ago
forget about it..
i had been listen repeatedly on lee hom new album
你不知道的事is certainly not bad,
but i personally like 需要人陪 more than other song in this album
another worth album to collect but i get all these songs from my friend.. wakaka
errmmmm feel free to listen

whoah damn suit my lonely night :O

22 August 2010


last day of week 3.. im still stuck on the same place.. tomorrow will be week4, please anyone help me... not on assignments, but to motivate me to continue move on.. oh sick..

20 August 2010


dont blame me for not updating much here.. somehow i feel tired of blogging and i lost all those inpiration when im getting busy.. mood swings anytime and i dont want myself to be disturbed.




10 August 2010

1st week: haunted

last week is my first week of class started. it just happened so fast as the holiday is too short for us to heal from previous semester. i still can feel the tiredness. that's why i didnt prepare well during the class start. i didnt organise well with my assignments.. being thinking nonsense and also doubting about the "C" thingy. C is conscientiousness. people with this C will keep all their things in detail, focus too much on not necessary stuff and in worst will ended up in 7th mile! thats what im afraid the most.. anyone please come and wash my brain~ speaking about freaking thing happened in a week, i almost got 3 accidents.. first, a school girl walking across the road while tidy her hair.. she is quite stupid i can say.. wonder which is more important, hair or life!?! second is when i was driving to college.. the sound of the brake is so loud that scared every drivers on the road. really didnt drive fast or maybe my car is too near to others. 3rd time happened on my housing area, bad thing about local driver.. no signal light~ same thing happened again.. my car manage to stop inches away from the front car. damn~ im really startled that time.. i left my car aside and requested to change driver.. got a slight phobia after it.. sick~ i got piles of assignment waiting for me again

25 July 2010

pictures:kk short trip

lazy to write captions.. teeheee

went for a short trip to kk with daddy, actually its quite blur about this trip because dad went there just to see the hotel and meet his partners. keke me and adele stay at the hotel for the 1st time.. the room is brand new and no one ever stay yet.. HAHA~! though its just 3days.. i manage to look around town, went to pulau, 1borneo.. various kinds of shopping mall which i cant remember all the name~ oh ya food! sabah laksa, 生肉面, wo tek (dumpling) and mini pearl milk tea from yoyo cafe! anyway thanks to adele and george for bringing me around and eat nice food.. love the pulau trip:)

13 July 2010

no title



12 July 2010

waka waka

im not a football fans
but im here for the last time this year
"camping" in living room to watch world cup final

go spain!!
you will win.. because you know why??

PAUL said so... haha~ XD

if you dont win, i will lose my bet huuuu

07 July 2010

its a boring post.. i post for nothing.. dont read

2weeks past.. holiday is always good but i prefer not too long, because i get bored easily. my mood doesn't get way better after relaxing for 2weeks.. there is still weeks to go before holidays end. got not much plan on this holiday.

1. cashless, holiday= no pocket money, i should earn more :(
2. stress come from family, no class=no car use=no money=become maid, babysitter and driver ( this is what i never understand, why they never use bus to school in fact that im the only child use bus among the 4?! WTF)
3. dad's theory, outing means waste money waste time and waste car fuel =.=''' ( where else i can go? any prob to go gym and swim??)

i do earn some allowance for myself what.. i often ask money from dad mainly for my assignments. we spend a lot of money on those shit because its costy. why cant we just submit softcopy instead of printing this and that.. honestly after all this, im deadly bankrupt. waiting for my next pocket money lalalaa... next kk trip will be the most interesting plan for this holiday. a SHORT trip.. other than that? no more~ shopping.. swim and gym if i could.. stay at home grow mushroom.. plenty of things can do at home actually, such as continue learning photoshop, sketchup and acad.. just that i got no mood to do it.. WHAT MORE THAN THAT? arhhhhhhh stop asking me to do housework! i hate it.. sobs.. and stop giving lame reason that girl should do housework, not boys..

and remember, im born to break this kinda shit rulez! teeheee

04 July 2010


woooshh.. went to sematan yesterday, not for holiday but to bring my cousin to the NS camp.. been informed by my uncle long time ago since i know the place well.. im not that willing to go at first because i just start my holiday not long ago.. laziness.. but still i went (respect elder).. i told a lot of experiences to my cousin and console her that its not a scary thing to join NS. for those who ever joined NS, dont u agree that NS is fun? yeah i know tired as well.. i felt so damn happy when there is some cikgu latih can remember me, though im not the famous one.. its not easy for them to remember every single of us because they have to handle thousands of student each year. and yet for my batch, its been 2yrs ago. i walked around padang kawat and also dewan, it changed a lot... much.. PRETTY as they got renovation, and im jealous that they have new NS buses to use, unlike last time we re using rented bas sekolah. (sorry didnt take picture) a lot of flashback strike my mind on this whole journey. 3months memories.. though its short but really memorable.. i miss the NS moment and u guys.. and also my slim body XD

02 July 2010


being a useless friend for this year.. because im too busy with my assignments.. as result less hangout with friends.. but what more i can say... 9hrs later u will be leaving kuching~ OK I WILL MISS YOU SERIOUSLY.. dont ask me to cry at airport... it will be nasty ^^ you as well..

will meet you there if i could
LOVE YOU (hahahahaha that sounds awkward)
but i just love... my FBB lalala

16 June 2010




10 June 2010

mood changed

jeng jeng~
change new header
still cant get myself settle down and focus on my work
tired maybe..

final countdown
13 days

i can do it.. :)

29 May 2010


no special title for this post
bought jay chou ori album last week
but didnt get chances to listen frequently
due to piles of assignments..
especially design~ brainstorm every day every night

working hour more than 15 hours per day
daily routine (weekdays)
wake at 9
go to college at 10
reach home in the evening
continue do work till 2 or 3am
of course i will take alternate days to rest
if not will xxx earlier ( God forbid)
brain cells been killed a lot because everyday have to look at the pc screen

so for today
i mean start later..
i will listen to jay chou and the drifters music
throughout the night while doing work
woot~~! phewww

oh ya today went to see show luo
see from far
im not really his fans but just go for a look ( 凑热闹)
watched 'happy go lucky' with my cousins
can consider today is the most relaxing day for me
except those muscle pains and gatric pain make me suffer
no matter what i gotta back to my assignments too
they are waiting for me :(

try to listen 我落泪,情绪零碎 from jay chou
nice song

sad.. stop here


或许是评审觉得我们很努力吧~ ><''' *不解*




please let me sleep.. i got work to do tomorrow..


22 May 2010

flash mob dance

click PLAY to watch..

should have post this few days ago
but didnt do so.. im busy with my assignments

this video is taken on 15may2010
spot me inside?

buddy~ failed to let you watch live one because u re in a hurry that time
or else u will laugh like hell ba~ haha

08 May 2010


well got no much time to update my blog.. busy mode ON once again after betong trip~ so.. hmm.. dont complain reader!! brb when work done. teeheee~

like 2:34 part onward..

29 April 2010



yes tomorrow is the day

in conclusion,
girls will still survive without guys

and thanks to those fxxxer.. i am driving in this trip
mlm for u all

18 April 2010

update: 15april

well.. since my secretary had updated the progress of doing tent before we went to lundu, then nothing much i can tell anymore.. let starts from the time we went to lundu then. for more updates link to audreygreenpig

venue: siar beach, pandan beach lundu
date: 15 april 2010

im not the photographer of the pics.. as my phone lost a month ago..
what a bad month~ :X thanks to adele, tit and reen for the pics

entertainer of the whole trip-- jo(right) the guitarist and singer
we sing songs on the way to the destination

the resort we stay-- union retreat
best resort in lundu

set out tent at siar beach
mr tommy, the one with stitches on middle finger
cant help myself to stop laughing when he show the middle finger
XD its like so BIG (bandage)

feel like singing" beautiful girls all over the world~"
my secretary, adele and audrey.. they having off with me.. and tommy, the kuli off too.. damn that middle finger! haha

beach pants, glasses, cap... formal 'wear' for presentation held on the beach

back to resort when the presentation has done
happy hour started!

roast marshmallow.. gay couple of the night
kenny and new lecturer
and guess what he is only 23
OH MY GOD! haha

besides swimming on the pool and beach, this was the most fun part! we play 'truth or dare' and make a lot of jokes on people and drink with bunch of friends~ its been long time i didnt drink, so end up K.O. on the floor and flee back to the room before 12am. i only remember i talk to adele a lot.. hope u didnt annoyed by me.. (surely dont have.. coz someone more annoying rite.. wakaka) the next day-- nothing much.. woke up at 6am and do site analysis for next assignment. nahhh we play but we do work too~

we'll meet again pandan beach.. i will definitely come again :)