26 November 2010

untitle #1

超闷~全世界的人都已经交完功课了去放假。。剩下我一个吧还没交~ 这个星期五也就是今天又有满满的schedule~ 那该死的report有很该死的做不完。不是很多,但就是很显。可能是想到放假了就超懒惰。今天下午还要打球,晚上dinner.. 星期六又当整天的导游到处跑~古晋还有什么地方能去??以我这个sejarah cacat 的人就算去到猫馆博物馆都说不出任何好听的历史~别笑我。。好吧我承认没把sejarah读好很丢脸,但我有尽量学哦(可能)。。因为建筑系也需要。。而且超愿意去学的~爱死architecture 哈哈!难读但我喜欢~ 我想这辈子只想往这个行业走吧。。想起以前还说要开店,跟几位朋友的哦~ 我还记得我们的约定但不知道几时才能实现。。那时的梦想其实跟现在读的课系不同,一部份是因为赌气吧。。计划永远赶不上变化~全世界在改变,我还是会希望能跟好朋友做喜欢的事。啊!做功课。。。bb




24 November 2010

ONE week

the blog is never update frequently since class started.. due to too busy on assignments. and finally~~ the class is almost to an end.. its actually an extension for one more week to do this group work.. the malay wakaf for our building construction assignment. everyone works together to get this wakaf done.. forget about the WTF nenek, i forgive her (lol) i know i couldnt do much on this kinda construction work so thanks to those who sacrified a lot on this project.. easy work is better for me hahaha so i did the presentation board with some other friends. but hey guys.. you all got the chance to see pretty girls next door right? XD
it is now at my lecturer's house.. we prefer to set this wakaf at his house instead of lkw to reduce the chance of vandalism (personal point of view). whole project took about 1 week to finish including presentation board. lets get the holiday begin please~ at least 2 more days to go for me.. feel so sorry for some friends because it seems like im always 放飞机~

alright for example~
1. i got no time to pick my friend from the airport
2. my friend told me that they reached and i only got the time to say: oh.. ok~ (how bad m i)
3. friend jio limteh.. i replied: see the time available not

opps guilty.. just this week.. then i will super damn free for u all to book (night time only, working on daytime) until 20feb2011.. cheers

1. i want to go damai lalala...
2. go drink beer~
3. go kai kai at kl to jb to singapore to brunei to kk.. (tipu punya)
4. jay chou concert (i want rock zone!!) no money no talk, no air ticket no talk also

(ignore me) PEACE~!! COUNTDOWN for the next 48hrs

and and... happy birthday wy..
p.s. ur fb pic cheated a lot of my frens.. heee

03 November 2010

epic pics

most fun thing to do when under a big stress or bored
camwhore! (found from pc)

party party!! in the room?!

yo im super star!

woot i <3>
retarded face

bite off the city!!

typical asian pose--> v(-.-)v

again ruin the city!

i only notice my pimple


update: 31oct2010
groupwork at marrybrown the hills
funny right having discussion at marrybrown~
ask the waiter: ada internet ka?
he replied: ada, sebelah! (ipohtown) LOL

after haircut definitely look handsomeR than previous pics

my mom forbid me to cut short hair
oppps i did it again!

si agua scare ppl

blur blur

amoi~ mahu minum kopi?

02 November 2010

jeng jeng design~

done design final presentation last week
everything was just fine..
arhhh its not over yet!
work harder guys
countdown for the last few weeks