31 December 2009


my last post for 2009.. just to recall back what had done this whole year.

my birthday-- a surprised party! been cheated to sit in the car with eye blindfolded till the exact destination

end of JAN, chinese new year.. aiyo so cute XD

bbq on the floor! well i guess that time we all are too boring..
taiwan sausages best!

'celaka gal' come back from JB.. (nick given by hui :P)
gather at McD and chatted whole night

stupid niu niu also come 'limteh'

blackie's car crashed!! and what a small world..
his car knocked CK car..

@@ pinky hat

wesak day.. what a splendid..
tired like hell after the parade

celebrating mother day at banquet

malaysian studies--acting in MPH.. forgot whats my character already..
well history thingy how i know?!

audrey's birthday-- cake done by hui and i..
cute ba.. greeny piggy

met stephanie at jln song
and chatted whole night with bunch of friends

sematan 3days 2night trip

the mek mek wy come back from JB..
having ice cream at desserts

not purposely to have that kinda expression
but.. the ice cream is sour!

the day before raya-- get knocked by a malay some more..
his bad day~ my bad day too! got no transport for 2 week!!

done my prototype and fight for final that time

celebrating kwen and stefy's birthday and prepared them presents

big feast!! i skipped my tutorial that day ><'''

having lil depression that time-- exercise for the whole evening
and i pierced again XD (both ears)

started my teaching career-- my first korean student, Park Geun Gi

chris! stop asking them to sing sorry sorry!

the day before i go brunei was my granny's birthday
the card that done by my sis and me

person beside my granny is not me.. i got no long hair since form5 XD

brunei trip! back to hometown

visited my uncle's new house

childhood memory~ the ice cream car

met old friend is the best~! chatted whole night in a cafe
the day before back kuching-- oii blackiee! this dog call black!
wahaha... owww she is so cute
too black right? i know.. indeed im holding a puppy..

lastly.. got my salary after xmas and i got myself one original album today! yeshh..

emm.. nothing much..
happy new year everyone.. the last post stop here~
2010 here i come

27 December 2009

13 December 2009

nothing much..

countdown for my brunei trip!! tik tok tik tok.. well'emm.. nothing much can say.. really.. lazy to blog.. BYE

02 December 2009


holiday started.. mean life start to get bored.. haizz.. but still ok, i will fill up my holiday with plans.. till i SUFFOCATE..( wahahaaa...) and thanks to someone for making me lost my weekend from now on throughout.. i dont know till when. == no worries.. i still got weekday (valid till class start) i think i can make it, to get along with kids!?! yeah rite.. chowww!!